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Elite Personal Fitness Schedule of classes

Our 45-minute long classes pack a serious punch. Whatever your current fitness level and health goals, we have a class and time that'll get you there. The following Schedule of classes is set to start July 7th 2014 get signed up today! Certain Number minimums are required for bootcamp classes , anything thing less than 6 person will be coinsidered a small group and small group pricing will result.

Class Days Times
                     Bootcamp(Host)             Mon- Fri             6am, 8am & 6pm      
                   Small Groups (Host)               By Appointment only.                 Call to schedule                
        Spin20/20/20  w/ Sheila Burris                       Tuesday & Friday             6am Tues. & 6pm Fri. 
            Yoga  w/ Ken Williams             T, Th 9am                                    6Pm on Mondays              
            TRX w/ Stephanie Saul              TBA                                   
                          Zumba             TBA                                   
 Advcanced Body Shaping w/ Ed Williams              Mon, Tues. Thurs, Fri.              5pm
                Personal training (Host)                        By appointment only              Call to schedule           
            Youth Athletic Training
         w/Ed Williams or Derek hankins 
             T,  Th,  Sat.             7pm Tues & Thurs...9am on Sat


Schedule a time to tour our facilities. Prepare to be excited and motivated. You might be compelled to spontaneously join a class already in progress and or get started right away. We won't judge. Book your time TODAY 

We're near you. Check the map below for location and directions. See you soon!

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